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Graduation requirements



Graduate Degree Requirements

91.503 Algorithms

Spring 2011
91.435 Compilers I
91.580 Geometric Modeling
91.544 Data Mining

Fall 2011
Topics in Data Mining
Data Communications 1
Masters Thesis 1

Spring 2012
Masters Thesis 2

Spring 2013
91.580 Bioinformatics

91.502 Foundations
91.531 Design of Program Languages

Spring 2013


Credits Grade Preparation (done, in progress, course text, supporting text)
91.580.202 Bioinformatics
M 5:30-8:30
Stanford Computational Molecular Biology
METU Introduction to Bioinformatics
PLOS Online Bioinformatics Curriculum

Spring 2012


Credits Grade Preparation (done, in progress, course text, supporting text)
Masters Thesis Research


Fall 2011


Credits Grade Preparation (done, in progress, course text, supporting text)
Masters Thesis Research


91.515 Operating Systems I Moloney

91.563 Data Communications I


Summer 2011 Self-Study

Spring 2011


Credits Grade Preparation (done, in progress, course text, supporting text)
91.534 Compiler Construction I

Canning MWF 12:00 - 12:50 3 A+
Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools (2nd Edition)
FSU Engelen Compiler Construction Lecture Notes
Stanford CS143 Compilers Lecture Notes
Stanford CS243: Advanced Compiling Techniques
91.580 Geometric Modeling
Daniels R 5:30 - 8:15 3 A
Computational Geometry course (Daniels)
MIT OCW 2.158j Computational Geometry Lecture Notes
91.544 Machine Learning and Data Mining
Chen MWF 11:00 - 11:50 3 A
Data Mining: Practical Machine Learning Tools and Techniques
Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques
Ulmman Data Mining Lecture Notes
NJIT CS 734 Data Mining


Undergraduate Degree Requirements (completed)

Transfer 91.101 Comp I  92.131 Calc I  92.132 Calc II  42.101 Writing I  Elec 90.199 InfoTech/Math
Transfer 92.321 Discrete I  92.231 Calc III  FreeElec 92.125 Calc A  Elec 92.299 LinAlg
Fresh Fall SS 47.101 Psych 92.386 ProbStats I 95.141 Phys I+ Lab - 4  92.322 Discrete II 
Fresh Spring 91.102 Comp II  42.102 Writing II  95.144 Phys II+Lab - 4  16.265 Logic Design 
Soph Fall 91.203 Comp Org  91.201 Comp III  Sci  81.111 Bio GenEd - 92.234 Diff Eq
Soph Spring 91.204 Comp IV  91.305 Arch  SS 3 49.201 EconMicro 91.304 Foundations 42.220 Oral&Writ Comm CS 
Junior Fall 91.301 Prog Lang 91.308 Op Sys SS 3 49.202 MacroEcon 91.404 Algorithms 59.303 SocTech CS Eth+AHE
Junior Spring
91.309 Database 1 91.503 Grad Algorithms 91.420 Artificial Intel
43.105 Western Civ I AHD
Senior Fall 91.310 Database 2
84.121 Chem I 91.427 Graphics I
91.405 Parallel Proc

Fall 2010


Credits Grade Preparation (done, in progress, course text, supporting text)
91.310 Database II Chen MWF 11:00-11:50 3 A First Course in Database Systems, Ullman, 3rd 
84.121.201 Chemistry I

MWRF 9:00-9:50 3 A UML Custom Package McMurray
84.123.813 Chemistry I Lab Hall W 2:00-4:50 1 A Chemistry Lab Manual, DeLuca
91.427 Computer Graphics I Levkowitz TR 2:00-3:15 3 A Interactive Computer Graphics, Angel, 5th
The Art of 3D Computer Animation and Effects, Kerlow, 4th
One Sad Cookie: Xcode/GLUT Tutorial
91.405 Parallel Processing Canning TR 12:30-1:45 3 A Parallel Programming with MPI, Pacheco
University of Washington ZPL site
Parallel Computing: architectures, algorithms, and applications
Introduction to parallel processing: algorithms and architectures

13/128 4.0 Cum 3.937 (Final and Graduating)

Summer 2010

Spring 2010

Course Credits Grade Preparation (done, in progress, course text, supporting text)
91.309.201 Database I, Chen MWF 1:00 PM - 1:50 PM 3 A First Course in Database Systems, Ullman, 3rd 
43.105.204 Western Civ I, Kelly, TR 9:30-10:45 3 A Western Civilization: Ideas, Politics, and Society 
91.420 Artificial Intelligence, Marshall, M 6:00-9:00 3 A Artificial Intelligence: A Systems Approach 
91.503 Graduate Algorithms Tues 5:30 - 8:30 PM 3 A+ Introduction to Algorithms, Third Edition 
Credits 12/115 4.0 Cum 3.929

Research Assistant March 2010 - June 2010

Fall 2009

Course Credits Grade Preparation (done, in progresstext, supporting text, fun)
91.308 Introduction to Operating Systems 3 A Modern Operating Systems, Tanenbaum 
91.301 Organization of Prog Language 3 A Structure and Interp of Comp Programs 
49.202 Economics II Macro (Olive)
3 A Macroeconomics, Olive 
91.404 Analysis of Algorithms 3 A
The Algorithm Design Manual,  Intro to Algorithms, Cormen 
59.303 Society and Technology 3 A-
Technological Risk  The Making of the Atomic Bomb, Rhodes 
Credits 15/103 3.940 Cum 3.919

Summer 2009

University of Maine Orono Summer Internship Project: Modeling the effects of mass balance and atmospheric conditions on glaciers. The  first part of the project is to port the model over from MATLAB to C and then implement a web interface for the mass balance model. Part of the project is to port the machine to run on a supercomputer for better performance but that may not be necessary. The current approach is to implement the model on Apache/CGI/C on a Mac OS X system with eventual deployment on a Linux server. A webpage will display a form that the user can enter parameters on and then submit the form. The C program will process the parameters with the data and then generate a web page and an image which is then sent back to the user. The initial approach will be to generate a BMP image for simplicity and then convert it to a compressed format if there is time. Derived web page
Apache Documentation Setting up CGI on Mac OS X Leopard GCC struct alignment and padding Flex Thermal Colormap from Jon's Project Blog
HTML Tutorial BMP file format, From Wikipedia, 24-bit BMP FILES (SIGGRAPH) Color Map in Pixelirator (Color Map Basics)

Spring 2009

Course Credits Grade Preparation (done, in progress, course text, supporting text)
91.204 Computing IV  RMP  Course Page
Intro Comp+Prog with Java 
OO Software Development Using Java 
3 A Core Java 2, II--Advanced Features 
Head First Design Patterns 
Java In A Nutshell  
Core Java 2, I--Fundamentals 
91.304 Foundations  RMP  Course Page 3 A Intro to the Theory of Computing, Sipser 
91.305 Computer Architecture  RMP  CoursePage
3 A Comp Systems: A Programmer's Perspective Computer Arch: A Quantitative Approach 
42.220 Oral & Written Comm for CS  RMP
3 A-
49.201 Economics I (Microeconomics)
3 A Principles of Microeconomics, Mankiw
Credits/GPA 15/88 3.940 Cum 3.914 (Cum GPA 3.963 without dual-enrollment courses)
MIT 6.050 Information and Entropy 
MIT 3.091 Intro to Solid State Chemistry 
Behind the Code from Microsoft Research 
MIT 6.055J The Art of Approximation in Science and Engineering 
MIT 6.080 Great Ideas In Theoretical Computer Science 
Southern Institute of Technology First Line Management 

Fall 2008

Course Credits Grade Preparation (done, in progress, course text, supporting text)
92.234 Differential Equations 
3 A Differential Equations with Boundary-Value Problems, Zill 7th ed  
91.203 Assembly Language Programming 4 A Computer Org and Design, Patterson and Hennessy (done)
91.201 Computing III   4 A C++ Primer, Lippman 
81.111 Biology  4 A Biology, 8th ed, Campbell   Mastering Biology   Information   Syllabus  
81.117 Experimental Biology I 1 A
Credits 15/73 GPA 4 Cum 3.907
Work UMass Lowell North Campus Tutoring Center

6 hours/week for Calculus I, Calculus II, Physics I and Logic Design.
Interviewing Skills
Best Interview Strategies (2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)
Career Skills for Education Students - Interviews
English for Professional Communication Job Interview Questions Educational Portal: How to Dress for a Job Interview

Spring 2008

Course Credits Grade Preparation (done, in progress, course text, supporting text)
16.265 Logic Design
3 A Fundamentals of Logic Design 2e for UML 
42.102 College Writing II 
3 A- Writing About Literature MRT "The Four of Us", Itamar Moses
The Haunting by Shirley Jackson
91.102 Computing II 
4 A Data Structures: An Advanced Approach Using C
95.144 Physics II
Syllabus  Schedule  Karakashian's Schedule
3 A Physics for Scientists and Engineers by Serway
Physics for Scientists and Engineers by Fishbane Physics II Lecture Notes 
96.144 Physics II Lab
1 A Physics Laboratory Experiments, Sixth Edition, Pullen, Middler, Schier
2008 UML Modeling Team

Credits 14 / 58 GPA 3.936 Cum GPA 3.956 (Cum GPA doesn't include dual-enrollment credits)

Fall 2007

Course Credits Grade Preparation (done, in progress, course text, supporting text)
47.101 General Psychology 3 A Discovering Psychology  Open Yale PSYC 110 - Intro to Psych 
92.322 Discrete Structures II  3 A Ars Digita Discrete Math  Discrete Mathematics  CSE 547 Stony Brook 
92.386 Prob & Stats I  3 A An Introduction to Mathematical Statistics and its Applications Larsen
95.141 Physics I  3 A Physics: for Scientists and Engineers with Modern Physics (Fishbane)
96.141 Physics I Lab  1 A-  Physics Laboratory Experiments, Sixth Edition, Pullen, Middler, Schier
Credits 13 / 44 gpa 3.98 (GPA doesn't include dual-enrollment credits)

High School

Institution Transfer
Actual Term Course UML
Daniel Webster  Fall 07 05 Summer CS 113 Programming in C  90 199 3 A
UML Cont Ed Summer 05 05 Summer 92.125 Calculus A 92 125 3 A
UML Cont Ed Summer 05 05 Summer 92.321 Discrete Structures I 92 321 3 A
PA Homeschoolers
2005-2006 AP Biology

UML Non-Degree Fall 05 Fall 05 91.101 Computing I  91 101 4 B
UML Cont Ed Summer 06 Summer 06 92.131 Calculus I 92 131 4 A
Middlesex CC Fall 07 Fall 06 MA 1126 Calculus II For Science  92 132 4 A
Middlesex CC 06-07
Middlesex Community College Student Mathematics Team 2006-2007

Middlesex CC
Spring 07 CSC 252 Programming II - Object-Oriented Programming with Java 91 101 ** A
UIUC Fall 07 Spring 07 MATH 241 Vector Calculus  92  231 4 A
UIUC Fall 07 Summer 07 MATH 415 Linear Algebra  92  299 3 A
UNH Fall 07 Summer 07 ENGL 401 Writing I 42  101 3 C

** is object-oriented programming which is Computing III at UML however they choose to transfer it in as Computing I.


Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, England, Bermuda, Canada.

Miscellaneous courses for spare time

Course Preparation (done, in progress, course text, supporting text)
Berkeley Ling 55 The American Languages  
MIT Open Courseware 3.60 Symmetry, Structure, and Tensor Properties of Materials  
6.189 A Gentle Introduction to programming Using Python 18.085 Computational Science and Engineering I  How to Think Like a Computer Scientist Godel, Escher, Bach: A Mental Space Odyssey 6.451 Principles of Digital Communications II   ESD.932 Engineering Ethics 18.086 Mathematical Methods for Engineers II
MIT 8.594/9.641 Intro to Neural Networks
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Math 135 Calculus I Math 136 Calculus II Math 215 Discrete Math Math 235 Calculus III Math 311 Number Theory Math 313 Introduction to Linear Algebra Math 340 Introduction to Differential Equations Math 413 Linear Algebra I Math 414 Modern Algebra Math 421 Higher Geometry Math 425 Chaotic Synamical Systems Math 431 Modern Analysis I Math 432 Modern Analysis II Math 442 Optimization Math 447 Applied Mathematics Math 448 Mathematical Modeling Math 465 Numberical Analysis Math 467 Scientific Computation Math 481 Mathematical Statistics I Math 482 Mathematical Statistics II Math 483 Linear Statistical Models Math 533 Real Analysis Math 535 Applied Functional Analysis
Biomedical Engineering Yale BENG 100 Frontiers of Biomedical Engineering 
UC Davis ECS 178 Introduction to Geometric Modeling 
ECS 277 Advanced Visualization 
MBA Education Projects and Classes 
Art Berkeley Art 8 Introduction to Visual Thinking
St Petersburg College ARH 1000 Understanding Art
Yale HSAR 252 Roman Architecture
Astronomy Missouri State AST 114 Survey of Astronomy 
Michigan Tech PH1600 Introduction Astronomy
Yale ASTR 160 Frontiers and Controversies in Astrophysics
Biology Berkeley MCB 110 General Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Berkeley MCB 130 Cell Biology
Yale EEB 122 Principles of Evolution, Ecology and Behavior
Yale MCDB 150 Global Problems of Population Growth
Chemistry Berkeley Chemistry 1A General Chemistry
Berkeley Chemistry 3B Chemical Structure and Reactivity

Missouri State CHM 105/106 Fundamentals of Chemistry 
Case Western CHEM105 Principles of Chemistry I 
Case Western CHEM111 Principles of Chemistry for Engineers 
MIT 5.111 Principles of Chemical Science
MIT 5.61 Physical Chemistry
Stanford E20 Introduction to Chemical Engineering
Yale CHEM 125 Freshman Organic Chemistry
Child and Family Development Missouri State CFD 155 Principles of Human Development 
Electrical Engineering Berkeley EE 20 Structure & Interpretation of Systems & Signals
Berkeley EE 40 Introduction to Microelectronic Circuits
Berkeley EE 105 Microelectronic Devices and Circuits
Berkeley EE 119 Introduction to Optical Engineering
Berkeley EE 141 Introduction to Digital Integrated Circuits
Berkeley EE 240 Advanced Analog Integrated Circuits
MIT 6.003 Signals and Systems 
MIT 6.012 Microelectronic Devices & Circuits 
Michigan Tech EE2110 Electric Circuits
University of New South Wales ELEC 3107 Digital Signal Processing 
Economics Berkeley ECON 100A Microeconomics 
Berkeley ECON 100B Macroeconomics
Berkeley ECON 110 Game Theory in the Social Sciences
Berkeley ECON 181 International Trade
Missouri State ECO 155: Principles of Macroeconomics 
MIT 14.02 Principles of Macroecon 
MIT 14.12 Economic Applicationss of Game Theory 
MIT 14.127 Behavioral Economics and Finance 
MIT 14.126 Game Theory
Yale ECON 159 Game Theory
Yale ECON 252 Financial Markets 
History Berkeley History 5
Berkeley History C139B The American Immigrant Experience
Harvard E-1825 China: Traditions and Transformations
Harvard HIST E-1890 World War and Society in the 20th Century: World War II
Missouri State HST 122: History of U.S. Since 1877 
Stanford HIST 102 History of the International System  

Yale HIST 119 The Civil War and Reconstruction Era 1845-1877
Yale HIST 202 European Civilization
Yale HIST 276 France Since 1871
Yale CLCV 205 Introduction to Ancient Greek History 
Law Berkeley Legal Studies 160 Punishment, Culture, and Society
University of Pennsylvania LAW 677 Patent Law and Policy 
University of Pennsylvania LAW 508 Property 
Literature Harvard CLAS E-116 The Heroic and the Anti-Heroic in Classical Greek Civilization
Missouri State LLT 180 Knights and Maidens 
Missouri State ENG 351 Survey of American Literature II 
Missouri State LLT 121 Classical Mythology
Yale ENGL 291 The American Novel Since 1945
Yale ENGL 300 Introduction to Theory of Literature
Yale ENGL 310 Modern Poetry
Yale ITAL 310 Dante in Translation
Management Southern Institute of Technology First Line Management 
Southern Institute of Technology Small Business Management 
Southern Institute of Technology First Line Management S2 
NJIT HRM301 Organizational Behavior 
NJIT HRM303 Human Resources Management 
NJIT MGMT-691 Legal and Ethical Issues 
Material Science Michigan Tech MY3400 Mechanical Properties of Materials 
Berkeley Eng 45 Properties of Materials 
Mathematics Harvard MATH E-102 Sets, Counting and Probability
Harvard MATH E-222 Abstract Algebra
Music Missouri State MUS 241 The Language of Music 
Missouri State MUS 239 Introduction to World Music
Yale MUSI 112 Listening to Music
Philosophy Missouri State PHI 110 Introduction to Philosophy 
Physics Case Western PHYS221 Introduction to Modern Physics 
Stanford Modern Physics: classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, special relativity
Yale PHSY 200 Fundamentals of Physics
Political Science Missouri State PLS 101 American Democracy and Citizenship
Yale PLSC 114 Introduction to Political Philosophy
Psychology Berkeley Psychology 164 Social Cognition
Yale PSYC 110 Introduction to Psychology
Yale PSYC 123 The Psychology, Biology and Politics of Food
Public Health Berkeley Public Health 112 Global Health: A Multidisciplinary Examination
Berkeley Public Health 253B Epidemiology and Control of Infections Diseases
Berkeley Public Health 253E Ethics and Public Health in an Age of Catastrophe
Religion Missouri State REL 100 Introduction to Religion
Yale RLST 145 Introduction to the Old Testament
Yale RLST 152 Introduction to New Testament History and Literature
Theatre Missouri State THE 101 Introduction to Theatre and Drama Arts 
Computer Science
Indiana-Purdue University CSCI N100 Principles of Computing 
CSCI N201 Programming Concepts and Data 
CSCI N207 Data Analysis 
CSCI 230 Computing I 
CSCI 240 Computing II 
CSCI N241 Introduction to Web Development 
CSCI N301 Essentials Concepts of Computer Science 
CSCI N305 C Programming 
CSCI N331 Visual BASIC .NET 
CSCI N335 Advanced Programming - Visual Studio 
CSCI N341 Client-Side Web Programming 
CSCI N342 Server-Side Web Programming 
CSCI N351 Introduction to Multimedia Programming 
CSCI N355 Virtual Reality 
CSCI N431 E-Commerce with ASP .NET 
Harvard CS 50 Introduction to Computer Science I
CSCI E-52 Intensive Introduction to Computer Science Using C, PHP, and JavaScript
CS 121 Introduction to Formal Systems and Computation 
CS 171 Visualization 
Ars Digita
  1. Math for Computer Science 
  2. Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs 
  3. Discrete Math 
  4. How Computers Work 
  5. Object-oriented Program Design 
  6. Algorithms 
  7. Systems 
  8. Web Applications 
  9. Theory of Computation 
  10. Artificial Intelligence 
  11. Unix Workshop
  12. Database Management Systems 
  13. Applied Probability 
Stanford CS106A Programming Methodology 
CS106B Programming Abstractions 
CS107 Programming Paradigms 
CS223A Introduction to Robotics 
CS224N Natural Language Processing 
CS229 Machine Learning 
NJ Institute of Technology CS 631 Data Management System Design
CIS 02 Applications Development and Java
CIS 447 Human Computer Interfaces

CS 630 Operating Systems 
MIT 6.00 Introduction to Computer Science and Programming
6.001 Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs 
6.004 Computation Structures
6.005 Elements of Software Construction
6.055J The Art of Approximation in Science and Engineering 
6.080 Great Ideas In Theoretical Computer Science 
6.033 Computer Systems Engineering
6.046 Introduction to Algorithms  
6.189 Multicore Programming 
6.821 Programming Languages Course Page
6.823 Comp Sys Arch
6.830 Database Systems
6.837 Computer Graphics
6.841 Advanced Complexity Theory
6.895 Theory of Parallel Systems
6.896 Theory of Parallel Hardware
Berkeley CS 61A Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs 
CS 61B Data Structures 
CS 61C Machine Structures 
CS152 Computer Architecture and Engineering 
CS162 Operating Systems and Systems Programming  Videos
CS 169 Software Engineering
CS 252 Graduate Computer Architecture 
UC Davis (Graduate) ECS178 Introduction to Geometric Modeling 
ECS222A Design and Analysis of Algorithms 
ECS235B Foundations of Computer and Information Security 
ECS277 Advanced Visualization 
University of Washington CSE 582: Compilers 
Case Western ENGR131 Elementary Computer Programming (Java) 
University of Southern Queensland Object-Oriented Programming in C++ 
Geography Indiana University Southeast G201 World Regional Geography 
Law University of Pennsylvania LAW 677 Patent Law and Policy 
University of Pennsylvania LAW 508 Property 
Circuits Lessons In Electric Circuits

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