Programming Problems and Solutions

This area of contains programming problems that you might find in high-school or lower-level college courses. The problems will will cover a variety of areas and assume that the student has completed courses in Geometry and Algebra II. Problems that require math beyond this level will generally provide details on that math.

Our approach will be to add problem pages over time.

This page is free to use for academic and personal use. If you use the materials on this site, we only ask that you do not represent it as your own work.

In general, supported platforms are Mac/OSX and GCC, Windows and GCC, Windows and Microsoft Visual C++ and Linux and GCC. There should be free command-line compilers for all of these platforms available on the web. For Microsoft Visual C++, you can get the Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition which is a free download until late in 2006. If they don't extend the free offer, you can download the VS2003 Free Toolkit to use as a compiler. The 2005 Express Edition provides a GUI development environment while the Toolkit is command-line only.

We recommend using Vi, Emacs or XEmacs for editing your code but, of course, the choice of an editor is up to you. Vi, Emacs and XEmacs can generally be found on just about any desktop platform these days making it easier for students to go from one platform to another.

Baby Steps

  1. Hello, World A simple program to print a message to the screen.
  2. Unit Conversions A simple program to convert seconds to minutes, hours, days and years.
  3. For Loops Print numbers, forwards, backwards and with skipping.
  4. Remainder Find the remainder of an integer division using the modulus function.

Recommended Books for Reading and Reference

Reading Review List

These are books that we have on order to be reviewed and used and will probably add to the list above.

Recommended Websites

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