Stock Screens

This page contains links to Stockcharts screens by sector. Useful when looking for companies to trade or invest in by sector. This page is a work in progress.

CandleGlance Charts

CandleGlance charts is a feature at StockCharts that allow you to look at a group of small charts on the same page. I like to have industry groupings of my favorite stocks to take a quick look at the markets.

Food: Grocery, Restaurants 1, Restaurants 2
Energy: Coal, Drillers, Independent Oil and Gas, Refiners, Solar, Trusts, Uranium
Metals: Gold Majors, Gold MinorsSilver, Platinum, Steel

Real Estate: Homebuilders, Trusts
Technology: Hardware, Internet, SemisSoftware
Transports: Airlines

Autos, Banks, DJIA 1, DJIA 2, Energy, Japan, RetailWater, World iShares


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