Multiple Monitor Systems (Under Construction)

I've received a fair amount of interest in writing an article on setting up multiple monitor systems for trading and this is just a placeholder for links at this time. I do plan to write a full article with pictures on how to do multiple monitor setups inexpensively.

Multiple-monitor systems can boost productivity in many areas of work as they generally allow you to view information from multiple sources without having to hide information underneath current windows. Sometimes we have to create a document from a source document which means that you need to bring one screen to the forefront and then the other and so on. Others need to glance at dynamic data from time to time and just need a display to check status now and then without having to bring it up from the background.

And programmers may need a screen for current code, another screen for reference documentation, another for email and browsing.

Multiple monitor systems are actually pretty cheap to setup these days. They're certainly not free but you don't have to spend thousands of dollars to set up a fairly nice system. There are custom and semi-custom systems that you can spend huge amounts of money for but you can generally put together something satisfying for much less money.

Of course there's a lot of technology involved and an almost endless possibility of choices for hardware and software. I'm going to briefly discuss the possibilities currently available (that I'm aware of) and then provide some suggested configuration that you may be able to put together with existing equipment or with fairly inexpensive equipment. I will also discuss the setups that I have and a setup that I'm working on.

MaxiVista - multiple monitor software support with multiple computers  - an inexpensive product to use a second computer and attached display as an extension to an existing system. I haven't tried this yet but it sounds like something that I would buy if I don't have to purchase a license for every system in the setup.
MediaChance - offers a shareware product that allows you to extend the taskbar to multiple monitors in a multiple monitor system. I haven't tried this yet but I'm generally happy with one taskbar.
Use two monitors for greater productivity (Kim Komando) - she has some basic information for setting up dual-monitor systems. I find some of it out-of-date or inaccurate but it gives the beginner the basic idea.
DOUBLE VISION NOT ENOUGH? CONNECT A THIRD MONITOR! (Kim Komando) - another article from Kim Komando on setting up more than two monitor systems.
Synergy - Free, Open Source and Portable software to share a keyboard and mouse between multiple systems. Does not display local windows remotely though.

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