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This page contains my comments on science education and related resources, both in print and on the web.


MIT Open Courseware has a set of video lectures from Aircraft Systems Engineering, Fall 2005 which has a bunch of videos around the Space Shuttle.


UC Berkeley IB 131 General Human Anatomy (Fall 2006) Course Video


We used to borrow books on astronomy from Boston College for our son when he was at the elementary grades and he used to go through them. These were frequently college-level introductory texts. There are a lot of web resources for pictures these days that may be engaging for children. At some point, I should grab the resources from my old pages. For now, I'll just post a few links to video courses.


Our son took AP Biology from PA Homeschooler using Campbell Biology (AP Edition). The course involved a lot of work and he fell very ill during the class and was able to study the materials but had problems with doing many of the assignments. The text seems to be commonly used in university biology courses and I was happy with the level of material that our son went through in the course.

MIT Open Courseware has a set of video lectures from 7.012 Introduction to Biology, Fall 2004. I think that the videos here in combination with their recitations and a good textbook like Campbell make for a good introduction to biology for the homeschooled student. I've only viewed the first lecture but the presenter is a good presenter, engaging, and a good lecturer. MIT has three introductory sessions that cover the same core material but the courses focus on different things. 7.012 focuses on current research in cell biology, immunology, neurobiology, genomics and molecular structure. 7.013, Spring 2006 focuses on the application of fundamental principles towards understanding human biology and provides only a few video lectures and many audio lectures. 7.014 Spring 2005 "focuses on the application of these fundamental principles, toward an understanding of microorganisms as geochemical agents responsible for the evolution and renewal of the biosphere and of their role in human health and disease."

OCW also has some videos from Introduction to Bioengineering (BE.010J), Spring 2006 which I haven't looked at yet but I think that it provides some introduction to the discipline.

UC Berkeley has videos for Bio 1A General Biology Lecture (Spring 2007)Bio 1B General Biology (Spring 2007) and Bio 1AL General Biology Laboratory (Spring 2007) which is a normal one-year sequence in biology.


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