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This page contains resources that may be of use in studying high-school or college-level literature.

We've used many resources for literature. When our children were young, they read books from the library and we read books to them. Our daughter has continued reading books from the library into her teens while our son prefers nonfiction. He's had to take Literature for college and I've given him some of my German Literature books to read in addition to these more common textbooks:
We had the kids read portions of the books and gave them a few writing assignments.

Of course our daughter borrows lots of books from the library to read for enjoyment and they've read many, many children's books over the years but we haven't kept track of their reading over the years.

One interesting website that might be useful for parents in working with their children in literature is SparkNotes which has detailed information on many works of literature useful to students of literature. They provide context, plot, characters, character analysis, themes, symbols and summaries of chapters and other information useful to study the works.

English Writing II/Literature Course Materials. These generally use the Bedford Introduction to Literature by Meyers.
Other resources:
A Day in the Life of an English literature Student from a student studying at the University of Wales. A set of YouTube videos following a literature student around college.


I think that music videos that explain a lot about culture, history or feelings may be useful in a literature program.

Video Lectures


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