College Preparation (under construction)

Many homeschoolers go on to college after their K-12 education along with their publc and private school counterparts but schools provide advantages in that they usually have dedicated staff to counsel students and parents on the college applications process. Parents and students should prepare for college as early as they can as there are typically college requirements that have to be planned in advance, sometimes by several years. Preparation also includes preparation, planning and taking College Board tests that colleges typically require for the admissions process. And parents should think about how they will pay for college expenses.

My convenience links

These are links for me to get to the pages of colleges that we've used and that we're using.

Middlesex Community College - A community college located in Massachusetts with campuses in Bedford and Lowell
University of Massachusetts Lowell - A state university in Massachusetts with good engineering programs
Daniel Webster College - A small university in Nashua, NH specializing in aviation training
University of New Hampshire at Manchester - A satellite campus of the University of New Hampshire,

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