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This page contains links to hardware that I'm interested in. In general, I'm looking for AMD64 systems at the midrange. I wouldn't mind an X2 processor as doing builds uses a lot of CPU horsepower. Ideally systems would have the capability of adding up to 4 GB of memory (or more) and would come with a decent video card option. For notebooks, I like WUXGA and 17 inches but it's hard finding configurations like this for $2,000 unless you're willing to settle for an Intel processor.

abs carries pretty nice gear though their laptops are only WXGA only right now (Feb 5, 2006).  They have a nice line of desktops that are expensive but not outrageously so and the options are pretty good though they don't provide huge numbers of options. There are times when too many options are confusing. They provide pretty beefy power supplies on their desktops. A review that I saw likes their products with complaines about missing convenience ports in the front of the machine.

AlienWare carries really nice stuff too, both notebooks and desktops. A nice 17 inch WUXGA laptop will still cost over $3,000 and they even offer Opteron notebooks.

Apple carries really cool hardware running their own Mac OSX operating system. We have a PowerMac G5 and it is a nice system though customers may be in limbo as Apple transitions from Power PC chips to Intel chips. It has created some confusion as not all software titles have been natively ported and some buying Power chips may decide to wait being worried that their investment will be obsolete.

Boxx carries high-end stuff including X2 notebooks. I priced one out around $3,600 so they're not cheap. I haven't looked at their desktops yet.

Dell makes inexpensive computers and we have a number of their products though we haven't purchased one in quite some time given that they don't sell AMD products. The Inspiron 9300 is a very nice notebook display and price-wise. They just need to slap in a 64-bit processor to go with it. We've ordered all of our LCD monitors from Dell as they have very good prices and very good quality.

CompAmerica carries a lot of high-end notebooks, different kinds of small-form-factor computers and many desktops and servers but they seem to be a company that is mostly focused on Intel products that has a few AMD products here and there. They do have a luxury laptop with an FX-60 option for about $3,500 but I'm looking for something that isn't a luxury system that can take a high-end processor. Lots and lots of Centrino and Pentium 4 systems. I didn't see Core Duo though (Feb 5, 2006).

Hewlett-Packard makes some really nice stuff and has very good prices but for some reason, they don't make a WUXGA notebook with AMD64 processors.

Monarch Computers makes high-performance desktops and workstations and they give you a million options that can sometimes be confusing to navigate. The do have some interesting small form factor computers too, notably the Hornet, that looks interesting. You can get cheap to really expensive at this place.

VoodooPC makes some really nice high-end stuff which looks great and carries great specs but the prices are out of this world. VoodooPC is very well known for their hardware and graphics. I don't know anyone personally with a VoodooPC though. Maybe I just don't hang out in the right circles. I think that most people I know are cheap.

XtremeNotebooks carries some very nice stuff as well and looks better priced than many other places but everything is a la carte' so you wind up spending about the same for a high-end notebook.


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